Mathematical operations and laws are put in connection with the physical variety of forms.


On the right in the picture, four different number systems are combined in one symbol. This makes it possible to represent the smallest quanta up to the infinitely large (forms that can be experienced in real life).

What follows from this is a mathematically based wholeness calculation that unified the behaviour of infinitely small (imaginary/ effecting) and infinitely large universally (real-acting) physical forms. The same laws apply to all forms of energy, which are now valid both on a large and small scale. In this way, a Theory Of Everything is created, which for the first time is based entirely on mathematical models that have already been proven.

The information energetics unite quantum physics and Einstein's theory of relativity with the help of a newly visualised calculus of holism. Decades of intensive research were needed to be able to formulate this seemingly bold claim. With the TOE-Modell presented here, the explanations are now brought to a conclusion in the book "absolute imaginary".

According to the initiators, this is the "missing link" that neither mathematicians nor physicists have been able to formulate so far. - Thus, there is now an old known, but newly visualised mathematical model for the long propagated "New Physics".

The Author ...

Sven Kuch, Dipl.-Ing. Process Engineering

born at 1963 in Berlin
resident in Bern, CH