Principles of the TOE-Modell®

The "TOE-Model" was developed in over 10 years of work by Sven Kuch in cooperation with the founder of Information-Energetics Reinhard R. Köcher. Both are founding members of the non-profit "Association for the Promotion of Information Energetics". The contents of the " Doctrine of Information-Energetics" are formulated in the sense of a "Holistic Physics" and are freely accessible to the public.

The trademark "TOE-Modell" is based on the contents of information energetics, but focuses more on the mathematical aspects.

The "TOE-Modell" includes over 100 visualizations, with over 30 tables, figures and texts protected by license. They are described in the books "absolute imaginary" and  "Introduction to Unity-/ Holistic Physics".


The shaping drive and future formation power of the TOE-Modell.

The design and further development of the TOE-Modell connects humanly conceived theories on a common, recognised mathematical basis for the first time. The decisive innovation consists in connecting two mathematical models, previously considered different, now for the first time via imaginary combination. Recognising this combination potential requires consistently building on the basic ideas of the two founders of the mathematical models - a decisive aspect that seemed impossible or incompatible for a good hundred years due to the mathematical "simplifications" that had been introduced.

In the end, newly presented interpretations of imaginary and real units enable infinitely large and infinitely small aspects to be applied to new questions, even by conventional mathematical means. In this way, the TOE-Modell combines all current philosophical, physical, chemical, biological and psychological theories into a Theory Of Everything. Consequently, such knowledge makes it possible to identify connections between already existing (and future) theories or to assess their respective significance for certain forms from a holistic point of view (for oneself).

The application of knowledge involves the risk that dogmatic, extremist, racist, religious or esoteric world views could be founded on it. In order to counteract possible abuses through future licensing, the following principles of the TOE-Modell® brand are to be actively supported or at least tolerated:


Principles of the "TOE-Modell" trademark

Every person thinks differently and concludes for themselves.

In order to comply with this guiding principle, the TOE-Modell is guided by the following mandatory principles:

  • Attribution of the licensor and/or the founder of Information Energetics Reinhard R. Köcher, or the Association for the Promotion of Information-Energetics.
  • No support (licensing) of racist, anti-democratic, religious or esoteric world views.
  • No missionary work of any kind. Each person should be free to decide for him/herself which worldview he/she prefers/supports.
  • The actions of the licence participants are oriented towards the promotion of the common good.


Acting as a licensee in the spirit of the common good means to tolerate at least the following principles:

  • To seek to increase the knowledge of mankind. It implies to accept and support the recognised sciences in principle.
  • To seek to minimise economic and social injustice.
  • To promote anti-authoritarian/democratic world views.


2022/ 12

The Author ...

Sven Kuch, Dipl.-Ing. Process Engineering

born at 1963 in Berlin
resident in Bern, CH